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Most wood products and machined timber supplied by EWP Ltd is independantly certified by the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) as well as coming from well managed forests.
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Just opened Peter's Bridge in Norwich has been shortlisted for the 2012 Institute of Civil Engineers award.

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Most timber used by EWP has the Chain of Custody certificate of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), an international accreditation body that seeks to promote good forest management throughout the world. Timber from certified forests is marked and is followed through the trade chain by means of a monitoring and tracking system – the ‘Chain of Custody’. This ensures that only genuinely FSC-certified timber and wood products carry the FSC logo.


FSC UK: www.fsc-uk.org
WhyFSC: www.whyfsc.com
FSC International:



 Certification involves two aspects:

One is an independent assessment of the forest management operation, according to specific ecological, social and economic standards.

This forest assessment typically includes an evaluation of:

1: The ecological health of the forest;

2: The economic viability of the operation;

3: The social impact of the forest management activities.

The second aspect, called chain-of-custody inspection, involves verifying the flow of forest products from the stump in the forest, through milling and manufacturing processes, to the finished product.

Together, these two processes constitute forest product certification, also known as timber certification, forest product labelling and forest management auditing. This process, which is currently being carried out by both non-profit and for-profit organisations in a number of countries, is characterised as being an independent, objective and third party process.

The objective of certification is to assure consumers that their purchases of forest products do not contribute to the destruction and degradation of the worlds forests. Independent forest product certification may also be a means through which producers can achieve public credibility and recognition regarding their forest management practices.

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