EWP PROJECT: Peter's Bridge

Project Description: Pedestrian / cycle bridge over river Wensum
Client: Jarrold and Sons
Architects: Ramboll UK
Engineers: SH Structures
Wood Working Contractors: Engineered Wood Products Ltd 
Timber Species: Cumaru 
Completion Date: December 2011

EWP Involvement:

EWP Ltd. Provided consultancy for the deck, staircase and balustrade elements of the bridge to Ramboll UK. We used our unique deck fastening system and curved board machining abilities to create longitudinally orientated deck panels to follow precisely the 'b-spline curve for the deck and balustrade. Full size templates were made for the deck from mdf CNC machined to 0.1mm tolerances enabling all panels to be prefabricated in the workshop and dropped into postion on site with no site modifications required.

Photos: ( Jaap Oepkes, Courtesy of Ramboll UK)
Image of bridge panels
image of detail of outside curve
Image of aerial view of bridge
Image of decking detail